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Explore our collection of webinars on various Eureka Math implementation strategies and practices for Grades PreK-12 below. Click here to subscribe and be notified about upcoming webinars from Great Minds.


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An Introduction to Eureka Math

Get a walkthrough of the Eureka Math curriculum, it's structure and sequence, and the resources available to ensure a successful implementation.

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The Impact of Social-Emotional Learning on Student Achievement

What is social and emotional learning (SEL), and why are so many districts emphasizing it? Learn how you can incorporate SEL into your core curricula to foster student success.

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Curriculum Matters: Roadmap for Successful Math Instruction

Learn how educator-administrators selected and implemented a new math program which resulted in impressive student successes in districts large and small.

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Guided or Misguided? A Deep Dive Into the Workshop Model

What distinguishes the Guided Math Framework/Math Workshop Model from other instructional models, and how does Eureka Math fit into it? 

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 Acing Pacing: Tools and Strategies for Maximizing Instructional Time

Teachers and administrators can learn about the tools and strategies essential to maximizing instructional time and improving student learning with Eureka Math.

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Eureka Math RTI Webinar Series

Learn about Response to Intervention Strategies for Tiers 1, 2, and 3 in this two-part webinar series. Best practices, strategies for supporting striving learners, and more will be outlined by Eureka Math's teacher-writers.

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 Solving World Problems with Tape Diagrams

Teachers can learn how the tape diagram model supports understanding of both the text and operations of word problems, explores part-whole relationships, and methods for scaffolding as students encounter complex problems.

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