Eureka Math Print Materials 

Teacher Editions, Student Workbooks, Packets, and more 

As the creator of EngageNY Math and Eureka Math, Great Minds is the only place where you can get print editions of the PK-12 curriculum. Select from student workbooks, teacher editions, assessment and fluency materials, as well as specially priced print bundles. Printed materials are also available in Spanish for grades K-8. 

In addition to our curriculum print materials, Eureka Math Manipulative Kits and Study Guides are available exclusively from our partner, Didax.

Our sales team is available to help you navigate our offerings and determine the best package for your school or district. 

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Teacher Editions BOUND

Our teacher editions, PreK—12, are bound books containing complete lesson plans, all materials contained in the Student Edition workbook, and answers to each problem and assessment item. Interior pages are full-color bound with a color cover.

Available in Spanish for K—8.


Student Workbooks

Our student editions, K—12, are bound workbooks containing module materials and non-cutout templates for student use when solving problems in class and at home. Interior pages are perforated for easy removal, are printed in black and white, and have a color cover.

Available in Spanish for K—8.


CollateD Unbound Packets

Additional student material is available in packets of unbound copies which are collated for ease of classroom distribution. Packets include:

Assessment Packet: all mid- and end-of-module assessments

Exit Ticket Packet: all exit tickets

Sprint and Fluency Packet: all sprint and fluency activities 


Bundles and Class Sets Available

Bundle options are available for all of our materials. Prices vary by grade and size of class set. Certain grade-levels do not include all packets due to the nature of the grade-level content. Student workbooks are available in class sets of 20, 25, and 30 and are available with the Teacher Edition at 50% off the list price or without the Teacher Edition. Prices vary by size of class set.


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