"Acing Pacing" takes practice and a number of resources. Get started by attending one of these free, interactive webinars led by the teacher-writers of Eureka/EngageNY Math. 

Our first "Acing Pacing" webinar is designed to provide teachers with essential tools and strategies to maximize instructional time and improve student learning. The second is geared toward providing coaches and administrators with similar resources and processes to put in place to support their teachers with pacing. 

Registrants who are unable to make the live webinar, will receive a recording of the session via email.

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Acing Pacing: Tools and Strategies for Maximizing Instructional Time

This 60-minute webinar will focus on providing teachers with resources and strategies to assist with key pacing concerns. The session will answer the following key questions:

  • How do I make informed decisions about pacing? 
  • How does the instructional design of the curriculum influence pacing? 
  • What resources are available to help me with pacing? 
  • How can a Pacing Guide help me improve student learning?


webinar FOR Coaches & Administrators:

Acing Pacing: Tools and Strategies for Administrators and Coaches

This 60-minute webinar is designed to provide administrators and coaches with resources and strategies to put in place to support their teachers with pacing Eureka MathThe session will answer each of the following questions: 
  • What resources can I provide to support my teachers with pacing? 
  • How does the instructional design of the curriculum influence pacing?
  • How do I help teachers make informed decisions about pacing?
  • What processes will help my educators with pacing? 

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About the presenters 

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Marianne Strayton

Marianne was a classroom school teacher for 19 years. She now works with students in grades K–5 who need further support in math at Woodglen Elementary School, part of Clarkstown Central School District, in New City, New York. She also served as a writer for Eureka Math/EngageNY Math.

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Edward Hampton

Eddie was a Eureka Math Fellow and math coach for PreK through Grade 5 at Westside Elementary School in rural Cumberland, MD. He previously served as a math specialist for his district (Allegany County Public Schools) and as a Grade 5 teacher. Westside Elementary fully implemented Eureka Math in all grades in the 2015–2016 school year. He is now full time with Eureka Math as a curriculum developer.