Eureka Champions Network

Share your implementation story with educators across the country. 

As educators, you see the positive impact Eureka Math is having on your students every day. Through your great work, we’re bringing good math to more and more classrooms.

We want to help you share your impact and Eureka story with educators, parents, and administrators in their community and across the country. 

What is a Eureka Champion? 

  • An educator that uses Eureka Math in their school/district
  • They are experienced in Eureka Math implementation (1+ year) 
  • Champions come from all levels of education

What does it mean to be a Eureka Champion? 
Eureka Champions...

  • Work with the Eureka team to share their story through Q&As on the Great Minds website 
  • Some write blogs, sharing instructional strategies and best practices for implementing Eureka 
  • Serve as mentors for new and existing Eureka Math users 
  • Actively follow Eureka Math on social media and share content from their classrooms
  • Participate in periodic surveys to evaluate Eureka Math products and services

Where are Eureka Champions? 

  • There are over 300 Eureka Champions located in 40 states and counting

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