James Tanton & Exploding Dots

Dr. James Tanton is a math educator and Mathematician-at-Large for the Mathematical Association of America who also worked on A Story of Ratios®️ (grades 6-8) and A Story of Functions®️ (9-12) of the Eureka Math curriculum. Dr. Tanton is infamous for his informative and entertaining presentation, "Exploding Dots," which was recently featured at Global Math Week 2017.

“I never questioned how backward my math education was … and then, all of a sudden, all these magical light bulbs started going off in my head—like exploding dots,” said Tanton. His “mind-blowing” Exploding Dots strategy uses an arrangement of boxes and dots and follows a set of rules that allow anyone to complete math problems with speed and ease. Learn more about Exploding Dots and how to use the strategy by watching the video below. 

Exploding Dots Overview


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Great Minds and James Tanton
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From left to right: Great Minds Founder & CEO Lynne Munson, Dr. James Tanton, and Great Minds Director of Matematics Jill Diniz 


James Tanton presenting to the Great Minds staff