Great Minds celebrates 10 years of revolutionizing education

By Nell McAnelly, Chairman of the Board, Great Minds

Spanning a decade, the story of Great Minds is one of unrelenting determination to challenge the status quo of education and learning, and ensuring that all students have access to a quality education. Great Minds Founder and CEO Lynne Munson has done this throughout her career by putting America’s students and the amazing teachers leading them at the forefront.

Great Minds’ humble beginnings make its journey that more impressive, with highly regarded curricula and resources that continue to be unrivaled in a difficult and saturated market. With the creation of EngageNY Math/Eureka Math, the nation’s most widely used math curriculum, and the ELA program Wit & Wisdom, Great Minds has gone far beyond what other curriculum companies typically do. It puts confidence in a child’s ability to learn and a teacher’s ability to instruct.

As Great Minds continues to grow and change the lives of millions of students and teachers, one thing is for sure—there are no plans for stopping. I congratulate all of those at Great Minds who have worked tirelessly to see Great Minds’ vision come to fruition. A vision that empowers educators to change students’ lives and one that provides students with the freedom to pursue a future that once was deemed unattainable. I am proud to have worked with this organization and I am proud that Great Minds’ leader and my dear friend, Lynne Munson, is getting the credit and accolades she deserves.

Please enjoy this excerpt of Lynne’s remarks at Great Minds's recent 10-Year Celebration and know that because of her, America’s students will continue to grow and succeed.

Here are some highlights from the Great Minds 10-Year Celebration where the Great Minds team and educators from around the country celebrated the progress the organization has made in education.