Continuous Learning In & Out of Class

Great Minds® has developed Eureka Math® in Sync for Grades PK–12, a suite of products that support continuous learning, built by our own teacher-writers. 

Eureka Math in Sync takes everything you love about Eureka Math and adds short, digestible videos for each lesson, downloadable and fillable PDFs for assignments, and, best of all, creates a hybrid learning environment that allows students (and teachers) to seamlessly switch between home and the classroom.


“Great Minds knows that the world looks different now than it did a few months ago, and that teachers and students need access to high-quality curriculum no matter where they’re learning. So, we created a custom-made product tailored to fit today’s environment. Eureka Math in Sync gives students and teachers the ability to switch between the home and the classroom without sacrificing coherence or collaboration.”

—Jill Diniz, Chief Academic Officer, Math


    Built to be flexible, Eureka Math in Sync was created specifically to meet the needs of today’s learning environment, allowing students to access all of Eureka Math from any device, at any time. Students can complete a lesson in the classroom one day and take an assessment from home the next. Consistent, coherent, and quality curriculum is now available anywhere the student is.


    Support Beyond the Classroom

    Eureka Math in Sync doesn't sacrifice knowledge-building; instead, it enables teachers to continue to inspire students to build real-world knowledge, no matter where they are. 




    Digital Teacher Edition

    Virtual Professional Development and Coaching to Support Continuous Learning

    Continuous Learning Plan for School and Home

    Video Lessons

    Digital Classwork

    Family Guidance in English and Spanish