Unstoppable Aha! Moments at School and at Home

Meet Eureka Math in Sync™ , a suite of products, created by our teacher–writers, to support hybrid learning for grades PK–12.

In response to the pandemic, Great Minds® created Eureka Math in Sync™, an innovative continuous learning program designed to meet the needs of today's hybrid and virtual classrooms so students continue building knowledge of crucial mathematical concepts in any learning environment.

Eureka Math in Sync allows students and teachers to access the Eureka Math materials wherever, whenever. Eureka Math in Sync includes short, digestible videos for each lesson along with downloadable and fillable PDFs that allow students to show their work and communicate with teachers via annotations and comments. It’s the same consistent, coherent, high-quality curriculum you love, now available anywhere the student is.

From hands-on learning in the classroom one day to at-home lessons the next, instruction is now seamless, no matter how the educational landscape changes.


“Great Minds knows that the world looks different now and that teachers and students need access to a high-quality curriculum, no matter where they are learning. So we created a custom product, tailored to fit today’s environment. Eureka Math in Sync gives students and teachers the ability to switch between the home and the classroom without sacrificing coherence or collaboration.”

—Jill Diniz, Chief Academic Officer, Math





    Support Beyond the Classroom

    Eureka Math in Sync makes knowledge unstoppable by enabling teachers to continue to inspire students, no matter where they are.



    (available in English and Spanish) 

    Learn Anywhere Plan

    A comprehensive plan that guides teachers through pacing in hybrid or virtual learning environments and provides additional support for toggling between them

    Daily Video Lessons

    Intentional segments of Eureka Math lessons taught by experienced math teachers, intended to support teacher instruction rather than replace it

    Digital Teacher Edition

    Complete lesson plans with appropriate scaffolding, all materials in the Student Edition workbook, and answers to each problem and assessment item

    Digital Student Edition

    Digital classwork, including downloadable and fillable PDFs, that can be printed for home or class use, or completed online

    Eureka Math in Sync User Guide

    A teacher guide for the in Sync™ platform that helps support educators with their implementations of the curriculum

    Family Guidance

    Each topic comes with a Family Tip Sheet with suggested strategies and models, key vocabulary, and tips for how families can support learning at home

    Topic Facilitation Slides 
    Slide decks that include topic-specific content to support the recommended online or in-person facilitated instruction


    Virtual Professional Development and Coaching

    Facilitator-led session to help teachers learn how to implement Eureka Math in Sync with confidence and support students in a continuous learning model