Eureka Math Equip™

An unshakable foundation for unstoppable knowledge


Meet Eureka Math Equip™, the first adaptive diagnostic assessment built for Eureka Math®. 

School closures have left many students with some catching up to do. That’s why Great Minds® created Eureka Math Equip, a premodule diagnostic tool that teachers can use to identify and address knowledge gaps from the past year and even earlier.

Eureka Math Equip–available for Grades 1-12–features sophisticated premodule assessments that identify a student’s last point of success with the curriculum, a curated set of supporting lessons and fluency activities to help close those knowledge gaps, and pacing guidance to keep instruction on schedule. Teachers can use Eureka Math Equip to get one student, several students, or an entire class up to speed without interrupting current grade-level work. 

"Learning gaps incurred from recent school closures, or even before, call for a research-based response. Eureka Math Equip helps teachers seamlessly prepare students for grade-level content, one module at a time."

—Jill Diniz, Chief Academic Officer, Math