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How to Review Eureka Math2

Great Minds has created a variety of reviewer tools to support you in bringing high-quality mathematics to your students. Learn more about what you can expect from Eureka Math2 and then use the links below to review print samples and explore the digital platform.


Eureka Math2 makes math more powerful than ever before

In 2013, Eureka Math®, previously known as EngageNY Math, transformed math instruction nationwide.  

While other companies might see the success of a curriculum like Eureka Math as a pinnacle, Great Minds® sees it as one moment in a journey to set the standards of education even higher.

Now we're raising it to the second power.





Personalized for every classroom

We’ve put into practice the latest research on supporting multilingual learners, leveraging Universal Design for Learning principles and promoting social-emotional learning, to ensure all students have access to grade-level content. Our instructional design, instructional routines, and lesson-specific strategies help teachers address learner variance. In-context margin notes give teachers guidance to help students with understanding, speaking, and writing English in mathematical contexts.



Access for every learner

We believe that words shouldn’t get in the way of learning math. We've designed Eureka Math2 with active consideration for the perspective of students who need support with reading, especially those with dyslexia. Students of all reading abilities benefit from the curriculum’s consistent use of straightforward and concise language and from the visual supports built into all Eureka Math² student materials. 


Flexible for every educator

Every classroom is unique, and we’ve designed Eureka Math² to meet the needs of every learning community. Modules and lessons are designed to be flexible, so teachers can spend their time where it’s needed most—delivering instruction that meets the needs of their specific students. With differentiation suggestions, slide decks, digital interactives, multiple forms of assessment, and much more, Eureka Math2 is the most teachable high-quality curriculum available.

New in Eureka Math2


Standards for Mathematical Practice

The Standards for Mathematical Practice are woven into every Eureka Math2 lesson. Through explicit instruction and student-driven tasks, students are consistently applying Mathematical Practices to their daily work to build an enduring understanding of math. 



Achievement Descriptors

Achievement Descriptors (ADs) are standards-aligned descriptions that detail what students should know and be able to do based on the instructions.  ADs are written by using portions of various standards to form a clear, concise description of the work covered in each module. Each Module has its own set of ADs, and the number of ADs varies by module. Taken together, the sets of module-level ADs describe what students should accomplish by the end of the year.

EM2_Talking Tool

Talking Tool

A scaffold to support students in producing language so they can engage in discourse about mathematics with their peers. The sentence starters and sentence frames guide students on how they can share their thinking, ask classmates about their reasoning, show why they agree or disagree, and check understanding.  Whether in small group activities or whole group discussions, the Talking Tool supports students so every student can confidently engage in productive discourse, helping build math knowledge for all students in the class.


Build Anticipation with Humorous Context

Illustrations from award-winning author Ben Orlin elevate student engagement in every module for grade levels 6–Algebra.


    New Math Context Videos

    Context videos help students see math in the real world, and are accessible to all students, including multilingual learners. 

    Representation matters, from the people featured in the curriculum videos to the names that appear in lessons, we've made sure every student can see themselves in Eureka Math2.

    Part-Part Total
    Level K  Module 1 


    Addition and Subtraction Relationships
    Level 1  Module 2


    Shapes and Time with Fraction Concepts
    Level 2  Module 3 

    Multiplication and Division with Units of 2, 3, 4, 5, and 10
    Level 3  Module 1

    Placevalue Concepts for Addition and Subtraction
    Level 4  Module 1

    Measuring Time and Distance
    Level 6  Module 1

    Division with Dining
    Level 7  Module 3

    Exploring Volume with Shapes
    Level 8  Module 6

    Multiplication with Money
    Level Algebra I  Module 2

    Teacher & Student Material Samples

    Access a sampling of Eureka Math2 materials below for your review.



    Every grade level includes 6 modules. The Teach book represents a single module with groups of related lessons organized into topics. Within the Teach, teachers will find an overview of the module, lesson planning notes, and margin notes that provide information on scaffolding, differentiation, and other information to support classroom instruction. The implementation guides provided below share a detailed walk-through of all the components within the Teach.

    Implementation Guides



    The Learn book includes student materials for in-class work. Within the Learn students will find:

    • Lesson Pages that students use during the guided or directed portion of the lesson,
    • Problem Sets for independent practice during the lesson, with problems organized from simple to complex, and
    • Exit Tickets that provide a brief, formative assessment of key learning in the lesson



    The Apply book helps students deepen their understanding of the concepts they learned in class through practice at home. Apply has three unique components:

    • Family Math is a letter describing the major concepts in the current topic
    • Additional Practice is a collection of problems for students to work on at home which interweave and distribute practice, and
    • Practice Partners takes students through the thinking of a hypothetical partner who is solving problems similar to those found in Additional Practice. 

    Begin your review by watching this video to better understand what makes Eureka Math2 exponentially greater than any other math curriculum.

    Eureka Math2-Module-Map-Image

    Looking for a more detailed map of the content? Take a look at the curriculum overview for Level K–Algebra I.

    Spanish materials will be available for levels K-5 for Eureka Math2 for the 2022/2023 back-to-school year. These Spanish samplers of Module 1 in Levels 1 and 3 are indicative of what final content will appear for all grades. For more information, please contact your local sales representative.





    1.er Grado Módulo 1 1.er Grado Módulo 1 1.er Grado Módulo 1
    3.er Grado Módulo 1 3.er Grado Módulo 1 3.er Grado Módulo 1

    Access Eureka Math² Digital Platform

    There’s more to Eureka Math² than can fit on a printed page. Make lesson planning and classroom instruction easier all while encouraging student engagement and discourse.

    Access a free Eureka Math2 Walkthrough Guide as you review the curriculum materials and resources.

    Use the following login credentials to access the Eureka Math² digital platform and resources:

    User Name


    Password (case sensitive)



    Digital Diagnostic Assessment

    Eureka Math2 Equip™ premodule assessments uncover instructional gaps in essential foundational knowledge and provide supporting content to help all students progress through the major work of the grade.

    Premodule assessments use branch logic to create a custom question path for each student.

    Assessment reporting provides data for individual students and the class as a whole.

    Consolidated lessons draw on content from previous grades to help students close any knowledge gaps.

    Pacing guidance helps teachers ensure that students stay on track with grade-level work while accelerating unfinished learning.



    Eureka Math 2 - Quiz and Assessment Sample



    Assessing Student Understanding

    Eureka Math2 also includes assessment opportunities throughout the school year, providing teachers with data on student understanding to help inform instruction.

    • Daily Exit Tickets help teachers reflect on student progress shape instruction for the following day accordingly.
    • Module Assessment and Topic Quizzes (available with multiple versions in digital or print form) tie together addressed concepts.
    • Benchmark Assessments provide a summative look at student progress three times during the school year.

    Supporting Student Equity in Math

    Access the following blog PDFs to learn more about Eureka Math2 and how it supports every learner build a deep, conceptual understanding and love for mathematics.

    Eureka Math Students with Scale

    Building a Deep Understanding of Math Concepts

    How students build knowledge and a deep conceptual understanding of mathematics during instruction.

    Eureka Math - Student and Teacher with protractor

    Supporting Math Students With UDL Principles

    See how Eureka Math2 unlocks greatness in every student through the Universal Design for Learning Principles.

    Eureka Math Counting Cubes Older

    Support Multilingual Learners During Math Conversations

    How students build knowledge and a deep conceptual understanding of mathematics during instruction.

    Eureka Math Counting Cubes Younger

    Improving Readability in Math Without Compromising Rigor

    Learn how Eureka Math2 improves readability in math without compromising rigor to help every student succeed.


    Georgia Account Solutions Manager Lucy Long is your Great Minds partner and will work with you to ensure your students have the high-quality mathematics they need and deserve.

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