Introducing Affirm® — The Eureka Math DIGITAL ASSESSMENT And Practice Tool

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Introducing Affirm, the new Eureka Math digital assessment and practice tool. Affirm provides educators with a robust database of technology enhanced formative items created by the Eureka Math team that align with the curriculum.

Affirm helps Eureka Math educators to better meet the needs of their students with instant grading and a number of analytics and reporting tools to help track student progress overtime. The tool also provides students with ample opportunities for extra practice and preparation for standardized assessments.

With Affirm educators will have access to the following content and features:

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New Questions
  • The Eureka Math writing team created approximately 500 new questions per grade aligned to the curriculum, including new topic quizzes and Mid-Module and End-of-Module assessments. 
  • Questions cover Depth of Knowledge levels 1–3.

Integrated Platform
  • Teachers can create classes and add students with one click by using Google Classroom integration.

  • Also integrates with Canvas and Clever

Flexible Assessment Building
  • Teachers can use existing assessments or create their own from the library of questions, which are tagged and organized by grade, module, and topic.
School- and District-wide Sharing
  • Assessments can be shared at the school or district level so that student progress is consistently tracked and reported across multiple classrooms and schools.

Instant Grading & Reporting

  • Questions are scored automatically so teachers get instant feedback for quick remediation and instruction adjustment to meet student needs.

  • The reporting feature allows teachers to assess student achievement data at the individual, class, school, or district level.

  • Reports track student mastery of standards and student performance over time, providing ideal data for parent–teacher conferences.

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